Ateliers Castelnau

Heritage at its finest

A one-of-a-kind condo project is coming to Rue de Castelnau, right next to Mile End and Park Ex, with Little Italy and Villeray just a stone’s throw away. Ateliers Castelnau will be the perfect compliment to an historic district that’s constantly reinventing itself: Mile Ex, Montreal’s newest cool quartier, where creativity and freedom are a natural way of life.


Why Ateliers Castelnau?

Built in the 1920s, the Beaux-Arts style building located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard has long sheltered the “Institut des Sourds-Muets de Montréal”; precisely where the Castelnau condominium project stands today.

Shoemaking, carpentry, weaving, embroidery, printing, sewing, forging and painting workshops were offered. Moreover, this building will be preserved for its historical and patrimonial character. It is with this spirit in mind that DevMcGill wanted to offer a bike workshop to its residents. In order to preserve the authentic, creative and handcrafted spirit in the project.

Life spaces
in 5 phases

The 5 phases of Ateliers Castelnau project will include four brand new buildings of 310 units in total.

The old historic building will be preserved, reminiscent of craftsmen and workshops of the past.

Underground parking, storage and bicycle spaces will be available starting at Phase # 01. Electric car parking can also be available.


Who imagined it?

Following DevMcGill and TGTA’s recent success inVilleray with the condominium project Castelnau, this duo is now launching the Ateliers Castelnau project: a multi-phase project of approximately 310 units on 6 floors, this time in the heart of Mile -Ex.

Phase #01 of the project will include 68 units. Provencher_Roy is behind the conception of this unique design.

How we built our sales space, in less than 3 minutes 🙂

Deviating from their original path and their initial meaning, 14 containers are settling into their new surrounding as the sales office of the Ateliers Castelnau condominium project. Watch the construction process:

Ateliers Castelnau

Habitat Design Award

In June 2017, the Ateliers Castelnau sales gallery was awarded the Habitat Design prize in the Interior Design category with a special mention for its industrial design. The Gauvreau Design team, working with DevMcGill and TGTA, boldly assembled 14 containers. This architectural offering represents a wink and a nod to the site’s industrial history. In fact, the initial idea for the project originated from the location’s historical context and the craftspeople who worked there.

The project is also presented in an original fashion and is reminiscent of this privileged link with the past. Consequently, plans and 3D perspectives are presented on old-fashioned drawing boards and the overhead lighting is a revisited interpretation of the old-style architect’s table lamps. The integration of the graphic elements with the lettering in the offices are also designed in reference to printing from the past.


The Castelnau Project: A remarkable success in the spotlight!

In the fall of 2017, the Castelnau, built in four phases and located slightly north of and adjacent to the Ateliers Castelnau project, was awarded the Inova prize for Multiple residential units – construction costs greater than 50 million dollars.

Greatly coveted, this award, given by the Urban Development Institute of Quebec (UDI), highlights the major contribution of real estate projects to the community due, notably to their innovative nature.

Sold out even before occupancy began in the fall of 2017, Le Castelnau clearly represents one of DevMcGill’s greatest achievements.